Screen and Media class in 2013

Last year, I successfully attained my Certificate IV in Screen and Media (very successfully, if I do say so :P), and this year’s course has finally properly begun. We are being blended with a University of Wollongong Digital Media course, so our first uni classes began this week, though we have been doing one day a week for the past month.

The uni students seem nice – though it seems that our counterparts have barely touched Cinema 4D, which will make for some… let’s say, basic classes in the next few weeks. Still, it’s not as though I don’t enjoy using the program – I’ve been doing models in my leisure time for various reasons. It’s just that I was hoping to get my teeth into the character animation side of C4D. The teacher plans to get to it, but not for some weeks yet.

Our screen writing class is looking to be short, but packed with valuable lectures. We’ve had one 90 minute class, but I already feel like I have a much better grasp of story structure than before. I wonder how it will compare to the story lectures I’ll get in April when I go to the Pixar Artist’s Master Class. It cost $600 for only 2 days, but I reckon it will be worth every penny.

By far my favourite class at the moment is the Industry Practice class, which focuses on working for clients and getting hands-on with all the equipment in a professional studio environment. We’ve already shot and edited videos for Dragons TV, and that looks like it will continue for the entire NRL season. Nice! Especially since my sister knows the guy that manages Dragons TV – they met at WIN and he got her to play in a basketball comp…. where she broke her finger, but nonetheless had fun during the times she wasn’t crying out in pain.