All Around Updates

I haven’t updated this blog in ages – and for good reason. I’ve been busy!

No, not with a job – still working on that one – but uni has kept me busy and I’ve started up a side business with my sister – Bottlebrush Illustration & Design.

Uni has really got me very prepared for just about anything at this point. The sheer flurry of activity that constitutes each semester has proven to me I can handle a fast-paced environment full of pressure and deadlines. Especially this year, having instituted trimesters, each subject is several weeks shorter in length than it used to be, and that’s really compressed the assignment time. It hasn’t been easy, but so far I haven’t failed.

Having said all that, I am looking forward to completing the course so I can have a moment to relax. It takes a toll, you know?

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it in this blog yet but I had to give up on the caravan, for a number of reasons. The main reason was that I was unable to keep it on the land I was renting for it, and there was nowhere else I could put it. The other main reason was that I was just out of money. I’m back in with the parents until I can get back on my feet financially.

Mastering Animation

As those of you who know me know, I’ve been working very hard on my Master of Animation course at UTS. Two semesters in, and I’ve got a range of High Distinctions, Distinctions and Credits. Needless to say, I’m pretty chuffed at my results. But of course, as you may also know, assessment time meant many late nights, and even early mornings at uni. Takes a bit of a toll! Since my uni year ended a month ago, I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping.

But while I’ve been awake, I’ve been working on a new project. I’m learning to use Unity and developing my own video game.

I probably should have started with something small, but instead I’m going all out and making a Japanese style RPG. Fortunately, there is ORK Framework to take care of most of the stumbling blocks that would otherwise have made me give up.

So far I’ve made pretty good progress with the basics, though I still haven’t been able to start on the game proper. Still much animation and 3D modelling to go. This is a long haul project. Probably, in time, I’ll need to attempt a Kickstarter so I can hire a programmer to help me with certain things. But by then, I’ll have plenty to show.

Major Caravanish Developments

So it looks like it’s all go.

I have a location to put a caravan.
I have a caravan.
I have been given generous donations from friends and family to put towards this endeavour.
I have a microwave, a small fridge and a small oven with two hotplates on top.
I have a drinking water hose coming shortly, and I’m trawling freebie classifieds to find a kitchen sink and other bits and pieces.

So this is the caravan:

Yeah. It’s going to need work.


The Three Things that Improve My Life

There are three things that have come into my life in the past year that have improved my experience of life significantly. Until I got these three things, I didn’t realise just how bad I had it before.

  1. Amavys Nasal Spray
    I never knew how clear my nasal passages could be until I started using this medical spray.
    It hasn’t fixed all my crummy nose issues, but it’s definitely taken away a lot of the inflammation that would occur, stopping me from being able to breathe well through my nose. Often I would have to resort to being a “mouth breather”. Shudder.
  2. Paroxetine
    Here’s the thing. I’ve been suffering from anxiety for more than half my life now. People normally just view me as shy, reserved and disinterested in social interaction. It’s partly that, but the thing that stops me from participating fully in conversation in most cases springs from the fact that I get very physical symptoms of anxiety. My mind goes blank, I feel nervous, I get a little sick to the stomach, and many other horrible things like that. It’s for this reason that I finally went to a GP and got a prescription for Paroxetine, an antidepressant that also treats anxiety.
    Its effects have been subtle, but in comparing with how I was before, I know they have made a difference. I’m more likely to socialise now, for the simple reason that I can without clamming up.

    An interesting side effect of the medication has been the fact that it also seems to treat the chronic headaches I’ve had for many years. And that’s pretty awesome.

    I’ve also had mild depression for some time, and this has helped a bit with that, but in November last year I still felt like I had nothing to get up for each morning. I just didn’t have any zest for life at all. And that’s where number 3 came in.

  3. Twinkie
    Twinkie is my reason to get out of bed. She’s surely the biggest plus in my life lately. In the morning, we have our snuggle time as I awaken, and it makes me get out of bed with a smile… something that never happened before.

    I think it’s just having something relying on me, making me feel wanted, that is the key.

    …That, and cats are soooooo cute.

Screen and Media class in 2013

Last year, I successfully attained my Certificate IV in Screen and Media (very successfully, if I do say so :P), and this year’s course has finally properly begun. We are being blended with a University of Wollongong Digital Media course, so our first uni classes began this week, though we have been doing one day a week for the past month.

The uni students seem nice – though it seems that our counterparts have barely touched Cinema 4D, which will make for some… let’s say, basic classes in the next few weeks. Still, it’s not as though I don’t enjoy using the program – I’ve been doing models in my leisure time for various reasons. It’s just that I was hoping to get my teeth into the character animation side of C4D. The teacher plans to get to it, but not for some weeks yet.

Our screen writing class is looking to be short, but packed with valuable lectures. We’ve had one 90 minute class, but I already feel like I have a much better grasp of story structure than before. I wonder how it will compare to the story lectures I’ll get in April when I go to the Pixar Artist’s Master Class. It cost $600 for only 2 days, but I reckon it will be worth every penny.

By far my favourite class at the moment is the Industry Practice class, which focuses on working for clients and getting hands-on with all the equipment in a professional studio environment. We’ve already shot and edited videos for Dragons TV, and that looks like it will continue for the entire NRL season. Nice! Especially since my sister knows the guy that manages Dragons TV – they met at WIN and he got her to play in a basketball comp…. where she broke her finger, but nonetheless had fun during the times she wasn’t crying out in pain.

Classic Blog: Ooh, Drama!

CLASSIC POST: Originally posted 29th December, 2008.

In my years online,  I’ve been in many arguments about various things. Over time I learned that it wasn’t worth getting worked up over. Instead, it’s more fun to point and laugh.

A few hours ago, I received an email from Livejournal, where I have an account that I use to post comments and message some friends that I don’t know anywhere else.

A couple of weeks ago, I added a comment to this Livejournal post, after searching for assistance on comic drawing (ultimately I came up with the advice “try harder” and “don’t be lazy”).

Bimbo 1It’s nippletastic.

So this post shows some very chauvenistic pages from a book on how to draw Superheroes. When they talked about women, it was almost exclusively through a “sex appeal” lens. Nevermind that a stick thin woman wouldn’t make any kind of super anything, especially when you compare it to the men on the pages. On that last link, anyone else find the “keep it real” box ironic?

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