Greek God Relics


17× 3D models of ancient Greek weapons, relics, and magical items. Low poly game-ready PBR creations compatible with Unity 3D.


  • Scythe of Kronos
  • Athena’s Aegis Shield
  • Twin Torches of Hecate
  • Caduceus of Hermes
  • Thyrsus of Dionysus
  • Scalding Hammer of Hephaestus
  • Sword of Thanatos
  • Golden Trident of Poseidon
  • Hera’s Lotus Staff
  • Bident of Hades
  • Pan Pipes
  • Thunderbolt of Zeus
  • Hunting Bow of Artemis
  • Aphrodite’s Enchanted Mirror
  • Nemesis’s Scales of Justice
  • Apollo’s Tortoiseshell Lyre
  • Demeter’s Cornucopia